New on board: Influencer Özen Kütevin

Hi, my name is Özen, I’m 28 years old and have been strengthening the social media team at Callies & Schewe since September 2021.

Since 2019, I’ve been on Instagram as an influencer and now work with over 30 brands from the cosmetics and fashion industry across Europe. 💄👗 I feel creative, unique, free and at home on the platform. I love creating new content, following trends and maybe even setting some myself.

I now have over 30,000 subscribers and I’m happy as a little kid for every interaction and content I produce. 🎉

I want to share this fun and my expertise in visual social media communication with our customers. After all, it has to be human in B2B marketing, too!

But first, my very personal story:

Callies & Schewe creates new brand identity for CropEnergies AG

Mannheim. CropEnergies AG (CE2) (ISIN DE000A0LAUP1), a member of the Südzucker Group and the leading European producer of sustainably produced ethanol, is realigning its brand – from the logo to the visual appearance and tonality. The company was supported by the Mannheim B2B agency Callies & Schewe..

The era of the new opinion leaders

A new breed of opinion leaders is driving public debates: they mobilize their fans via social networks and thus set the media agenda. What we can learn from them.

New publication: Winning the sovereignty of interpretation

Professional communication has never been as complex as it is today: politicians, influencers and experts vie for our attention every second. Billions of pieces of information are produced, interpreted and commented on in the media and social networks. Everything can be true and false at the same time. At the same time, brands are under increased scrutiny in a tense public climate. In this environment, how do brands succeed in gaining sovereignty over the interpretation of their topics and their image?

This is the subject of the new book “Deutungshoheit: Die Muster der Meinungsmacher” (publisher BusinessVillage, hardcover) by our managing director Sebastian Callies.

Finding Opportunities During a Standstill: B2B Communication in a Pandemic

The German economy has put on the breaks, and many planned marketing and brand activities have hit the pause button. We have deliberately held back with an assessment thus far. But now, based on our experience, we have a few tips for effective communication during these uncertain times.

Words Are Deeds: What Brands Can Learn from Wittgenstein

“We need to revitalize our brand purpose for our target audience so we can become a love brand.” Nonsense, right? If you really know what you’re doing, you should be able to explain it in simple terms. But that can be difficult.

Agency Life: It’s Only Been a Month

Kurt Panton moved from Miami to Mannheim. How lucky for us. Here he writes about his first weeks at Callies & Schewe.

Lost in Translation? Why Localisation Is Crucial in Global Communications

To be authentic is to be true to who you are. But for global brands, that is easier said than done. How can you convey a consistent message and corporate identity in upwards of 20 languages? How do you appeal to cultures that have drastically different expectations? The first step is to know your readers.

Fake News? The Search For Reality and Its Consequences

Today, everything can be both false and true at the same time. What does this mean for communication? Here, a few thoughts on the New Year starring Napoleon, Trump, and other influencers.

Our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration in the Tankturm

Award-winning architecture, a collective art project that included all guests, and all the ingredients of a successful party. On October 2 nd , 2018 we celebrated our tenth anniversary with around 180 customers, partners, and friends in the Heidelberg Tankturm – an old water refilling station for steam trains. What a wonderful evening it was…