A Database of Dreams



Creating a better understanding of the possibilities of SAP HANA to a wider audience at the CeBIT 2013. The result: an international database of dreams.


  • With the super-fast analysis of mass data, SAP HANA makes things possible that one would not have even dared to dream. It is the database of dreams.
  • Our suggestion: Together with SAP, we develop a social online platform on which people can share their dreams with the world (crowd sourcing).
  • People can share these dreams with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Plus, people around the world can see and analyze in real time what is being dreamed elsewhere.


  • We develop the whole front end and the mechanics of the entire website with bleeding edge technology (HTML 5, WebGL, SAP HANA).
  • The entries are automatically located and collected on a rotating 3D globe.
  • The beta version went online right on time for the CeBIT.


Conception to go-live was performed in a record-breaking period of just 5 weeks.

All web technologies used are bleeding edge (HTML5, WebGL, SAP HANA).

The beta version is the basis for further global initiatives.

A Database of Dreams