Successful Campaign targets Founders and Startups



Market the new solution SAP Digital for Customer Engagement and increase the number of trials


  • We help position startups in the market with these solutions
  • Most startup companies do not fail because of their product, but due to the number of sales. We address this issue directly with new businesses.
  • Using the slogan “Your product is not enough,” we are running an integrated social media campaign with a technically outstanding home page, which provides vital information for your business


  • Comprehensive design with communicative positioning of the product
  • Complete campaign flow from one source
  • Cutting edge programming of the website
  • Poster design for all communication materials
  • Target audience specific texts for websites, social media, banners, emails, and events communication
  • Control of the campaign


Fast and integrated implementation resulting in high customer satisfaction

Unique visitors in the range of six figures within the first four months

Incredibly high interaction with advertising through Facebook and Twitter

Rapid rise in software trials

Successful Campaign targets Founders and Startups